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I use this journal to sale JROCK, KPOP, and other items.

ONLY serious buyers!

Payment & Shipping
- I accept paypal (+ paypal fee) & bank transfer (USA)
- I ship WORLDWIDE from Venezuela

- Orders will be send on bussiness days (Monday to Friday excluding holidays and weekends) within 1-2 days after received the confirment payment.
- Shipping fees will be higher according to the weight and the country of your order
- I'll send the goods with a cardboard wrapper to avoid demages but I'm NOT responsible for lost or damaged package during shipments.

FOR RESERVATIONS! They will be up ONLY for 3 days, please confirm the payment on time.

IMPORTANT: Shipping usually takes within 7-15 days to arrive, BUT due to my country's actual economic and politic situation (Venezuela), international shipments could take 1 mounth to arrive to some destinations. I beg your pardon, but it's something that scapes of my hands. Please, buy keeping that on mind m(_ _)m
Thank you, and so sorry.



eBay (i'm a new member, tho) and Blogger
or send me an email to:

and If you have bought something from me, please leave me your feedback here
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KPOP sales

Must of all are original goods, but i have some other NON original but cool items that you maybe migth be interested.
So, please feel free to take a look of all these items and let me know if you are inteerested.

BUT, make sure to read the General info about SALES first.
i am willing to trade just the photocards.

photos / photocards : EXO, Beast
posters : Super Junior, BIG BANGS, JYJ, U-KISS...

JROCK items are selling HERE


EXO Photocards

Nature Republic cards   $9 USD each
Kai's card SOLD
Kris, Tao and Chanyeol's cards ON HOLD

IMPORTANT: If you want to buy it as a set, then make a rasonable offert.
Photocards are available for trade BUT I'll accept Sehun and Kai's cards ONLY.

BEAST (B2ST) photocards

Gikwang photocards
a) GOOD LUCK white ver. $11 USD
b) ORDINARY ver. $11

IMPORTANT: Available for trade. I'll accept Dongwoon and Junhyung's cards ONLY.
If you want to buy both cards, make me a rasonable offert.

ALSO! if you want to trade an EXO card for a BEAST card (or vice versa) it is ok for me.

NON original items


JYJ   $1,25 USD
a poster from Venezuelan magazine (20,5x27cm)

Super Junior   $2,50 USD
a poster from Venezuelan magazine (41x27cm)

Super Junior   $2,50 USD
a poster from Venezuelan magazine (41x27cm)

BIG BANG   $2,50 USD
a poster from Venezuelan magazine (41x27cm)

U-KISS   $2,50 USD
a poster from Venezuelan magazine (41x27cm)


JROCK (Visual Kei) SALES

Hi! I decided to sell some items from my JRCOK collection
please, feel free to take a look and let me know if you are interested in something, but make sure to read:
~ General info about SALES ~

Sorry if don't reply you quickly, i might be busy m(_ _)m

autograph: DIAURA
postcards / photosets: Gackt, Kiryu
stickers / stamps: Grieva, DIAURA
CDs / DVDs: DIAURA, NEGA, Laevatain
posters: Alice Nine x MUCC, Kiryu, MEJIBRAY, R-shitei, DOG in the PWO, BugLug x Blu-BiLLioN, Nigthmare
flyers: Kaya, DIAURA, Sadie, VAJRA, GPKISM, Vistlip, JUN, Kiryu, Lycaon, Mr. Unknown...
magazine clippings: D, Sadie, GOTHCHAROCKA
T-SHIRTS: the GazettE, NEGA


KPOP items are selling HERE
Also, i'm selling another type of items, like CDs of american/british groups, posters or DVDs of anime/manga, straphones, keychains, and jewelry made by me.

autograph from Luzmelt, ONE OK ROCK, the GazettE (Aoi & Uruha specially), Kru (L&SD or ex-[_Vani;lla]), Jasmine You, Kamijo. Chekis (signed), Tsuzuku stuff (MEJIBRAY)
KAMIJO tarot cards & DIAURA rare items.


          used a couple of times. If you need a picture of the CD/DVD/Booklet ask me for MP and i'll give it to you right away ;)
DIAURA - Evils (Regular Edition, First press)   $22 USD
DIAURA - Evils (Limited Edition, First press)   $26 USD
NEGA - NEGATIVISM (Type A)   $22 USD *I actually don't know how it appeared but the DVD has some little details*
DIAURA - REBORN (Type A, Regular Edition, First press)   $22 USD

DIAURA EPK (Electronic Press Kit), used once. $29 USD

Lycaon, Erotic album PV Clip sample DVD + CURE magazine page $8 USD

Laevatain - Remnant (single for concert) with Flyer   $3USD

Signed DIAURA postcard (with Yuu)   $22 USD

Gackt postcard   $4 USD
Kiryu Digiphoto (from SHOXX Poster Magazine)   $6 USD

Grieva sticker   $2 USD

the GazettE live goods, BLACK MORAL t-shirt

Versailles, HOLY GRAIL original tour goods
     make an offert for each

V!NYL SYNDICATE vol.24 (Chisato from Crack6 on cover)   $5 USD
→ Chisato · Lycaon · Royz (previews cooming soon)

V!NYL SYNDICATE vol.25 (Hiroki, Tsunehito and Ruiza from D)   $5 USD
D · GOTHCHAROCKA · Akira from DISACODE · ROOT FIVE  (previews cooming soon)

GAB vol53 (DaizyStripper)   $5 USD


HOLIDAY, November 2011 (MoNoLith side A / SOLARIS side B)   $3 USD

MUCC x Alice Nine Poster (from SHOXX vol.237)   $8 USD

Nightmare poster from Cure XX(?)   $5 USD
Used. Please, open the pictures and see the details

MEJIBRAY posters (from Callendar 2014)   $14 USD each
You can also make an offert.

from SHOXX Poster Magazine vol.1   $8 USD each
Kurosaki Mahiro (Kiryu)
Sakai Mitsuki (Kiryu)
Kuyou Takemasa (Kiryu)
Ishiki Hiyori (Kiryu)
Tokai Junji (Kiryu)
DOG in the PWO x Blu-BiLLioN
Mamo (R-Shitei)

FLYERS ($1 USD each)
when u chose one, send me "number and name" in a MP.

01. Mr. Unknown - The Other Side of Hope
02. Tokyo Shitei

04. Kaya - DIVA
05. Vistlip - Strawberry Butterfly
06. Kaya - Vampire Requiem

07. Lin - Independent "MAZE"
Laevatain (you can buy it with the CD too)
09. 08012209336 - 1st Mini Album

10. Sadie - Rosario
12. Kiryu

13. Siva - wrong of justice
14. DIAURA - GENESIS 1st FULL album
15. Lycaon

16. SPIV STATES - JUN Birthday ONEMAN live
DIAURA - Karatetsu (Karaoke)

19. Grieva

mini-flyers   $0,50USD

1. Moi dix Mois (in Madrid)
2. Starwave Fest vol.3
3. El Dorado (in Paris)
4. Centurion 4
5. UnsraW & the fool (with HITT on the other side)
OFFRERT: all 5 mini-flyers for $1,20 USD

clipping flyers ($1 USD each)

01. AMARANYX          02. Art Cube          03. BLITZ          04. THE GALLO

05. Royz (x2)          06. Ru:natic          07. Vallquar        

08. Suzaku          09. Vanish         10. DaizyStripper         11. Decay

12. Kiryu         13. Sadie         14. DEPAIN

15.Misaruka         16. Zelga         17. Lycaon         18. DEVITEC

19. Air Dignity - Nostalgia         20. Lin - Silent to my Pain         21. FEST VAINQUEUR         22. Kiryu

23. Kiryu         24. Megaromania         25. LANDZ         26. Royz

27. SUG

Cippings! (please, make an offert)

- GOTHCHAROCKA (8 pages)
- D (16 pages)
- Sadie (5 pages)

*I have a lot of pages of others jrockers that i want to sell (BugLug, Sadie, SCREW, MUUC, Girugamesh, Awoi, Kra, Para:noir, Administrator, VIVID, Kiryu, R-shite, Velvet Eden, V-Last, Lycaon, etc....)
Pictures comming soon...

ALSO! Don't forget about the NON ORIGINAL ITEMS!


Keychains   $2 USD
→ DIAURA, Versailles, NEGA (band), NEGA (logo, with the "eye" on the other side)
HIZAKI pin    $1,50 USD

Miyavi poster   $3 USD
a poster from "Bravísimo", a Venezuelan magazine.

mini flyers from MIYAVI and Versailles from Venezuela's concert in 2011
$0,50 USD each


Serre-moi fort (Rivaere / fem!Eren)

Hold me Tight
Shingeki no Kyojin / Attack on Titan
Pairing: Rivaille x Eren
Clasificación: T
Advertencia: fem!Eren. Pero sigue siendo Shonen-ai
Resumen: Hay algo que Eren, por más que quiera, no puede ignorar y en busca de saciar su preocupación, decide aprovechar su nueva y extraña situación. Pero... ¿Qué situación?

Nota; No tiene beta, por lo que debe haber varios errores por allí.

続きを読む…Collapse )


I interested in buy anything you have of NEGA, Versailles, DIAURA or Valluna.
Please, send me a message if you want sell flyers/posters/chekis/photo sets/etc
Thank you m(_ _)m